School trips

Reconnecting with its past as a holiday centre in the 1950s, the Moulin de Nouara in Ambert offers visits for schools.
Thanks to its auditorium, it can also organise events or discussions with the artists who come to perform at Nouara.

A remarkable historical heritage

An authentic 15th century paper mill, the Moulin de Nouara bears witness to the golden age of papermaking in the Ambert basin.
The Moulin de Nouara also has a history of flour milling, which began in the 19th century.
The millstones have been restored to working order, so children can attend presentations on the production of flour.
Along the Sentier des Papetiers walking route, which includes a stop at Nouara, they can also visit the Moulin Richard de Bas, Ambert’s last working paper mill.

A cultural centre with special children’s events

The Moulin de Nouara is first and foremost a cultural centre that stages regular shows and concerts in its 100-seat auditorium.
From time to time, it organises shows and concerts for young audiences. These would be perfect for school trips.
Opportunities to meet artists who come to perform at Nouara, discussions or open rehearsals can also be organised for schools.