The Moulin de Nouara – culture, heritage and nature

Welcome to the Moulin de Nouara, the jewel in the crown of the Livradois-Forez region’s historical heritage!
A paper mill in the 15th century, and then a flour mill before being converted to a holiday centre in the 1950s, Nouara is now a magnificent cultural and tourism centre tucked away in a haven of greenery.
With its panoramic view of the town of Ambert and the Livradois mountains, the Nouara site offers timeless moments, with the silence only broken by the babbling of the stream.

An essential stop on the Chemin des Papetiers walking route, not far from the Moulin Richard de Bas, Nouara is both a cultural venue and a historic site which offers something for everyone.
Comfortable accommodation options – gites and guest rooms – offer you an invitation to extend your stay and enjoy this wonderful rural environment at the heart of the Auvergne.

Art and culture
in a wonderful natural setting

The Moulin de Nouara’s main mission is to enrich the cultural life of the Ambert region through a programme of live concerts and shows every month between April and October.
The Nouara auditorium can accommodate a hundred people and its excellent acoustics make every performance a memorable sound and music experience.

Your stay at the Moulin de Nouara

In a tribute to its past as a holiday centre, the Moulin de Nouara now, once again, offers accommodation in its five elegant, authentic and well-appointed guest rooms.
Want to come and stay with your family, friends or work colleagues?
A family gite for up to 4 people and a group gite for up to 11 people await you for your stay.

ARTIST’S residence and artist in residence

The Moulin de Nouara also offers a bright, naturally lit studio for artists in residence.
It is a peaceful environment where painters, sculptors or musicians can give free rein to their imagination and find inspiration.
Exhibitions can be organised at the mill at the end of periods of residence.

Group receptions
and events

Create unforgettable memories at the Moulin de Nouara!
Family events, weddings, christenings, parties… our three function rooms offer you a beautiful setting for the happiest moments of your life.

Our function rooms are perfect for professional seminars and offer all the technical equipment you could need for your meetings.